Ever feel like you can’t find the right words? Our 1:1 coaching sessions will help you feel relaxed and confident speaking English.


Who's got time for another boring day out? Our highly-focused training helps clients make real progress.


Speaking together in real time turns school English into something you can really use. Plus, it's fun.

we're native English speakers from Canada based in Cologne

Marcia (the sister)

has spent 4,000 hours helping people turn school English into something more natural and persuasive. She also works as a tone-of-voice consultant and is a ghostwriter of non-fiction books.

Michael (the brother)

Michael has spent 6,000 hours training people to use English confidently in business and social situations. He is also an opera singer and is fluent in German.

All together we’ve spent about 10,000 hours helping people feel more confident speaking English.  What we’ve learned in that time is that talking, talking and more talking is what helps people jump from ok at English to in control.

Our agile approach to training is an especially good fit for busy people. We offer flexible session times and are happy to change focus as the clients needs – often this is mid-session.

Coaching sessions, workshops and teambuilding days all work towards the same goal, which is helping you

speak english like a boss

how to improve your english

talk. all the time
and then talk some more. about everything.
podcasts & audio books
stories, email, anything
anything interesting
grammar excercises

our favourite podcasts

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